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Powder Coating



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Rejuvenate Your Equipment With Powder Coating

Developed many years ago in Europe, powder coating was created to be a significantly more tough, durable, and eco-friendly finish than traditional wet or liquid coating. Compared to most other finishes, powder coating and its durability makes it more resistant to chips, scratches, fading, and wearing. As a result, it’s one of the best ways to breathe new life into the look of your equipment, especially the equipment that is frequently used outdoors.


Durable And Customizable

Amnor Powder Coating!

For high-quality powder coating from Edmonton, look no further than Amnor Powder Coating! We offer powder coating that is not only durable but customizable with over 300 available colours.

For finishes like colourful candies and smooth mattes and for textures like wrinkles and fine details, we can recreate the look of a wide variety of metal objects:

  • Aluminum doors and windows, antennas, ATV frames and parts.
  • Bicycle, car, truck, motorcycle frames and parts.
  • Farming implements and parts, garden tools and tractors.
  • Light poles, guardrails, metal fencing, ramps & platforms.
  • Metal antiques, cabinets, countertops and much more...

Get The Benefits From Our Process For Powder Coating

For consistent durability and thickness in our powder coating, Amnor Powder Coating uses a specialized process. The process involves grinding the particles of the pigment and resin of our paint into a fine powder and giving it a positive electrical charge. The powder is then sprayed onto a grounded surface of a metal object with a negative electrical charge.

The positive and negative electrical charges then attract each other, making the particles adhere and fill in the metal substrate to a consistent thickness. Afterwards, we cure this coated at approximately 400 °F. Once cool, the object’s quality is reviewed before it’s ready for pickup or shipment.


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