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Why You Should Choose Amnor Powder Coating?

Established in 1997, as a multi-purpose powder coating company, Amnor Powder Coating has, and continues to, aim to provide a much needed service-oriented custom powder paint facility in Edmonton.

We want to help clients around Canada polish their equipment through powder coating, sandblasting, and a variety of colour options. As a result, we primarily help paint new or used metal objects for the general public and companies that want to powder coat products.

Our highly trained and experienced painters and technicians are more than capable and familiar with the application and characteristics of powder painting, which also involves the use of equipment capabilities, such as:

  • Continuously powered conveyor
  • Batch system for large parts.
  • Five-stage spray wash system.
  • 100-feet long oven.
  • 40-feet long dry oven.
  • Two-hour delivery available.

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Experience our benefits

To make sure both our team and equipment are able to satisfy our clients’ overall experience, we are determined to continuously improve our services and strive to serve the buyer and seller with successful product finishes. We also encourage clients to let us know about any questions or concerns.

Because of our dedication, we can offer the following key benefits:

  • Different colours in the same day
  • Two-hour delivery available
  • Large or small powder coating production
  • Incomparable, durable powder coating finishes
  • Finishes for a wide variety of metal objects